1. "Go ahead, make my millennium."

    Beetlejuice (1988)

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    double tap if you like liking national cheese pizza day! #pizzabrain #pizzaculture #nationalcheesepizzaday (at united states of za’merica)

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    Nosferatu (1922)

  5. Photo by Sirius_Photography


    Undulatus asperatus, a rare cloud formation whose name means “roughened or agitated waves,” looks like a sea of stormy waters rolling across the sky.

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    Date night

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    making your best friend watch shows with you like

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  10. Revisiting Old Thoughts.

    And so I draw this out from under dust
    My feelings are the same;
    One continuous block of marble
    Carving an unchangeable vein.

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    Nightgown worn by Rita Hayworth in the LIFE Magazine “Girl’s of Hollywood” photo shoot by Bob Landry, August 1941

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  12. First two rolls with my Lomo Fisheye 2. Ilford b&w 400 HP.